The latest collection of Fay C. Davis entitled Word Pictures contains 30 poems of mixed mood establishes again her excellence and authenticity in the world of literature. Fay who has been active in the world of writing since the age of twelve and has over 500 poems to her credit mostly published, runs a journal entitled Link way which was brought out in August 1995. Born and brought up in England had Fay has taught in schools of England and Wales and a teacher by profession and a veracious readers of English, History, Music and Divinity. Fay has been a connoisseur of poetry, sports, article and puzzles and for the sake of writing and enjoying the life in totality, she took on early retirement and is now living in Carmarthenshire in South Wales.

      The book under review has number of nature poems in which the mysticism runs under currently. The love of nature and the nature of loving both are discernable in the poems. The blend of nature, love and spirituality easily seen in the following lines:

            I knew without even touching you

                        That I wanted to be all mine  

                        Wanted you to know I loved you

                        With a love that was almost divine. (9)

      Fay has a special bind of merits of exhibiting a basic honesty and simple beauty which particularly impresses the readers as well as appeals the discerning eyes of critics. She is an avid poet with passion and compassion for language and contents. Her eye for minute observation brings forth her imaginative vision that encompasses the astounding diversities in life in all its manifestations. Her style and manners be traditional but the ideas behind then are non-conventional and as fresh as flowers:

            The train no longer here every night

                        The crumbling platform is all overgrown

                        And uncut roses grow towards the light.

                        X                      X                      X

                        The rusty line mingles with brilliant daisies white

                        With here and there a broken heap of stone

                        And uncut roses strain towards the light. (3)

      Despite having ample of the element of love and beauty, her poetry has not become merely its interpretation, it has some other element like pity, hope, social consciousness and crowing and longings. ‘Survivors’ is a fine example of it:

            No survivors,

              They said

              The plane crashed in the mountains

              No on survived

              They were wrong.

              I survived, with all the families,

              Fiancés and friends who waited

              For the message

              From those they loved

              In that tangled mess

              Of metal and unidentified people,

              Lost in the terrain of the dead. (4)

      The collection has many beautiful poems like Aunty Reshel, corness Cupfoad’ and ‘All short of comforts’, ‘Seeing you’, ‘Picture’, ‘The last October day’, ‘November evening’, ‘The guard’, ‘Ancient race, burry port harbor’, ‘Touching keys’, ‘Royal princess, delight’, ‘Summer dreams’ and ‘knuckles Hills’, ‘A picture of trees’ and ‘Feedings the Birds’ that bespeak of the multifaceted ambivalent, poetic art and craft, natural beauty and romantic sensibility. A stanza of the poem ‘Delight’ will make clear the poetic excellence of Fay itself:

            You speak to me of love.

                        Raindrops of happiness

                        Invading my whole life,

                        Seeping into every part of me

                        And spreading far and wide

                        For all to see

                        X          X          X

                        You speak to me of Delight

                        A magic in itself,

                        A knowing that all is well

                        Taking over every part of me

                        And spreading everywhere

                        For all to see. (21)

      Thus on the whole, the collection Word Picture truly draws a picture of nature and beauty both in words and distills a piquant flavor of joy and spiritual ecstasy and presents the freshness of true poetry in the humdrum and monotony of everyday life. So, such on excellent work of the poetess deserves high appreciation and encouragement.