Rainbow of Little Hearts edited by D’ Brinda Srinivas is an ‘anthology of budding poets of Aditya Vidyashram’ which is dedicated to ‘founder Madam Mrs. Vijaylakshmi’ and is a real and exemplary tribute to the founder of a teaching institution. Usually people try to bring out anthologies of eulogies in memoriam containing likes and dislikes of a great man who actually never expects such vain words that die and loose meaning with the passage of time. What pleases a man is when he (if he remains alive in soul) looks at his predecessors who bear his/her yoke of responsibilities at his/her best. In fact, a person who lays down the foundation of an educational institute, plants a sapling with a hope to see it flourishing and blooming into a huge tree that offers shade and fruits without any distinction and if this hope materializes into a reality , the founder feels ‘Euphoria’.

To see and pore over the pages of Rainbow of Little Hearts strengthens the idea that the progeny of Mrs. Vijaylakshmi are making and performing their duties in a way that is truly commendable. The book also establishes that Aditya Vidyashram is the institution that grows and introduces the young poets. It is pleasing and heartening to see that there is an institution in our Nation, which inspires and produces the creative artists by making an amiable and favourable atmosphere. Over 200 poets along with staff members and nearly poems written in lyrical form make the anthology an enviable possession. The tone and texture of the poems is positively simple, and soft like its authors i.e. children. Nature, nation, people, animals and places, optimism, God, spirituality, patriotism are the objects on which the poems of the anthology are focused. Some poets of anthology are already published by an eminent journal of adolescents named Young Poet edited by N. V. Subbaraman and Poetry World, annual issue of the famous Journal Poet.  Hence, we can notice here that the efforts by the great educational Institute Aditya Vidyashram have borne fruits and the anthology is the testimony to the fact. The poems of the anthology are innocent like the youth and the bubbling with zeal, optimism and liveliness:

Colours, colours colours

Everywhere colours….

Colours make the person beautiful

Colours make person joyful

x              x              x

Let us see colours everywhere

Enjoy the beauty of it. (101)

In nutshell, Rainbow of Little Hearts is a beautiful anthology of young poets of India. Other educational institutes should take lesson from the efforts of Aditya Vidyashram and encourage budding poets to blossom and bloom so that we may not let ‘Mute Inglorious Milton’ rest (As mentioned by the principal in the note irrelevantly) in oblivion and we may infuse them with more poetry. My best wished to the editor