Shaleen Singh

Poems and Reviews Published


  • In Indian Literature (Sahitya Akedemi, New Delhi), The Literary Criterion (Mysore), Poetcrit (HP), Skylark (Aligarh, UP), Indo-Asian Literature (New Delhi), The Green Lotus (Orissa), Replica (Cuttak), Shine (Tamilnadu), The Golden Vase (Orissa), The Voice of Kolkata (West Bengal), Poets International (Karnataka), Contemporary Vibes (Chandigarh), Triveni (Hyderabad) Bridge- in-Making (Kolkata), Kohinoor (Bihar), Indian Book Chronicle (Jaipur) and others.  
  • Several Hindi Poems and Articles have appeared in News Papers and Journals like the Shah Times, The Dainik Prashashan Prakash, Vashney Samaj Darpan and others.  

Online Publication

Poems, Interviews and articles published in many renowned online journals like