Open Call for: Politics of Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in Sunil Sharma’s Minotaur


High-quality research papers are invited for a proposed critical anthology on “Politics of
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in Sunil Sharma’s Minotaur”.

The anthology is going to be published by a well-known publisher with ISBN (International
Standard Book Number.)

Editing requirements:
The quality of papers is very important and new insights expected from the respective

Following sub-themes can be covered:

i) Political Reading of Minotaur
ii) Minotaur: A Mythological Reading
iii) Historical Reading
iv) Eco-Critical Reading
v) Transcendentalist Reading
vi) Colonial Reading
vii) Post-Colonist Study of Minotaur
viii) Locating the Colonial and Post-colonial sensibilities in the Text
ix) Structural evaluation of Minotaur
x) Minotaur:A Psychological Study
xi) Socio-cultural Study of Minotaur
xii) Understanding Minotaur through Symbolism
xiii) Examining the linguistic pace and structural loftiness in Minotaur
xiv) Characterisation in Minotaur
xv) Stylistic Study
xvi) Inter- disciplinary Reading
xvii) Deconstructing Minotaur

Guidelines for submission of Abstract and Full papers:

1. The abstract as well as full papers should be composed in MS Word, Times New Roman, 12
pt. font, with a line spacing of 1.5 inch, in A 4 size format.
2. The abstract should be accompanied by at least three key words.
3. The length of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.
4. Bio-note of the author(s): The name(s), designation, correspondence address, contact number,
email of the author(s) should be mentioned at the end of the abstract.
5. References of the research paper should be made in 8th edition Modern Language Association
(MLA) style:
(Only Author-Date or Number System) strictly. Don’t use Foot Notes, Use End Notes
Title of the paper: bold, Sentence case (Capitalize each word), centered. Font & size: Times
New Roman 14 bold
Titles of books: Italics.
Titles of articles from journals and books: “quoted”.
The paper should be of minimum 4000 words.
6. Interested authors may send their proposals/abstract in advance. It will help in planning the
publication of book.
7. Each contributor is advised to send full paper with brief bio-note, declaration and abstract as a
single MS-Word email attachments to: [email protected] with subject line: Research
Article for the Anthology: “Critical Essay/Paper: Minotaur”
8. There is no publication fee. However, the contributor has to buy one published copy.
Plagiarism Alert:
Contributors should follow the highest academic standards by giving proper citations and
acknowledging sources. The editors will not be held liable for any lapse of the contributor. All
submissions should be innovative and must be supplemented by a declaration that it is an
original work and has not been published anywhere else. It will be your lone accountability for
such lapses, if any. Neither editors, nor publisher will be responsible for it.

Deadlines to remember:
a. Last date for submission of abstract and Full Paper: 30th June, 2020
b. Notification of the acceptance of full paper: 30th October, 2020
c. Publication of book: 15th November, 2020
If the above conditions are acceptable to you, then please revert.

i)Dr. Sangeeta Sharma
Head, Department of English
B.K.Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous).
Kalyan, Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Mobile : 9769996948 (Only WhatsApp)

ii) Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh
Head, Department of English
Swami Shukdevanand College
Shahjahanpur (UP)

iii) Dr. Kalpana Rajput
Assistant Professor
Department of English
SDMK College, Shahjahanpur