Glittering Love is the eleventh collection of poems by S.L. Peeran, the bilingual poet who suggests his readers to take a celestial bath in the rain of glittering love. His love is not the love of poetry or mind rather it takes birth in the womb of Sufism. Peeran is a many-splendored poet who has adopted the path of Sufism which is also a peculiar attitude of life laying a peculiar emphasis on the essential unity of all faiths and religions and motivates all to follow eternal and spiritual path of love so that life of man may not end in smoke. And for this reason most of his poems are suggestive in nature in which sometimes he prays the Lord to ‘show’ his ‘mercy’ or asks the man to have clemency for the sake of own true friendship or to this love’s battle which continues to its end.

The collection primarily concerns with the theme of love and the poet remains vigilant in his dealings with it. As he sometimes proposes:

Let’s sing songs of love and beauty.

Let them shine in its entire splendor.

Let effulgence grip the tiny heart.

Let excitement hold the mind and body. (68)     

Yet the poet is well aware that ‘love’s path is dubious or slippery/ it has swallowed millions of strayed hearts’ short/ time is fleeting (83) so he beseeches the lord:

O Beloved! Show me the path of love,

Let me lay down my life pining for Thee. (83)

The poet has penned a wonderful long poem title ‘Advent of Islam’ that sheds a brilliant light on the advent of Islam. Similarly the poet propagates the true message of Islam and its teachings and makes his teachings clear:

Among the teachings is to treat

All the men and women

As brothers and sisters 

And to treat the neighbour as your own. (94)

The Haiku at the end of the book are of mixed taste, yet the poet has remained ideological to the bone however too much idealism sometimes hinders his creativity. The poet remains poetic from the beginning to the end. Another glaring mistake in the book is that the preface of the book is written by Dr. Ram Sharma and the ‘foreword’ is written by the poet himself. Such printer’s devil should be avoided as they decline the beauty of the book. On the whole, the book with an elegantly designed cover and equally good quality printed poems in bold fonts on a good quality paper, add the charm.

I wish the poet hearty thanks for conferring me an opportunity to review the book.