R. K. Singh’sCommunication in English: Grammar and Composition is the book, which provides ‘practical help in acquiring the language competence.’  However, there are many other books already been written by many scholars of ELT, but what differs the book from others is its preference to specific problem areas at ‘post-secondary/ intermediate/+2 level’ keeping in view the needs of course of General English /Communication /Professional Communication/Report Writing etc. in an Engineering or Professional Institute.’

The book is divided into seven chapters on ‘Grammar, Sentence Effectiveness, Paragraph writing, Précis, comprehension, dialogue Writing and Key to Selected Exercises.’ The first chapter deals with the introductory of Grammar starting from the basic Parts of Speech, Articles and their right use. The author introduces verbs, tenses, voice, phrasal verbs, and concord of subject-verb/pronoun agreement and special problems of agreement. The author has added a separate Chapter II on ‘Sentence Effectiveness’ is also well written because it develops the insight in the writer who does not analyze while or after writing. The author says rightly, “If you analyze what happens as you write, you will probably find that while writing you pay no attention to sentences as such.” (51)

The author has, in brief, tried to cover all major lacunas that commonly a writer leaves unconsciously but can overcome these malpractices with ’practice’ and ‘attention’. The author has given certain instances and clarified his intention.

The next four chapters deal with Paragraph Writing, Précis, Comprehension and Dialogue Writing. In each chapter, the author firstly defines and makes clear the concept and term and then adds some examples for a better understanding. The seventh chapter of the book is the ‘Key to Selected Exercises’ makes the book ‘complete’ as most of the books of Grammar need guidance of teacher for the solution of exercises of Grammar and Comprehension and the concept of self learning remains devoid of meaning.

The author has appended a small but useful bibliography for teachers of communication skill, which they can use or recommend for their scholars or students. This book should be a possession of both teachers and students of communication in English as well as a common writer who wishes to chisel his language and enhance his performance in writing.