Visioned Summits, by Syed Ameeruddin, Madras: International Poets Academy, Second Pub. 2005, ISBN- 81-900653-1-9, Price- 200/-,

Syed Ameeruddin is one of those less fortunate yet (more celebrated and genuine) poets who has not still been critically analyzed by various senior critics, nor even enumerated or discussed in their critical writings. However critics like R. K. Singh, grumble the lukewarm attitude of such critics and he gives a long list of such poets who have published more than one collection and ‘have appeared regularly in various poetry magazines of India.’ Dr. R. K. Singh opines about these poets (including Syed Ameeruddin) in one of his articles and says: “They are remarkable for their vitality, variety and quality, richness of language, visions and impulses, depth of feeling, sense of self, and willingness to explore and reinvigorate traditional forms and styles.”

Syed Ameeruddin is one of those poets who can be called as the perfect mix of Ganga- Jamuna Tahjeeb like Jayasee, Kabeer or Raskhan, he equally weighs all the values of each and every religion and school of thought. As ‘his poetry traces the origin and feeling of consciousness which is common to one and all, it is universal and globally appealing.

Visioned Summits, the book by him under review is published twice, firstly it was published in 1995 and secondly in 2005. The book carries poems dealing all universal and eternal in our mundane world. The poet seems a union of various glittering modern poets like Sri Aurobindo, R. N. Tagore, W. B. Yeats, Swinburne and John Keats carrying the safe spirit of love, truth, mysticism, Sufism, optimism, empiricism, rationalism, didacticism, and theism.

The tone of most his poems is autobiographical but it is charming and interesting because the poet joins his expression with alluring imagery and evocative words and expression. The poetry of Ameeruddin is primarily philosophical because the poet, besides experiencing the moments, tries to explore and decode the mysteries of consciousness and being. His exploring attitude often is often misunderstood as Enigma, but it is not so because the true poet usually reaches to a point like scientists where the material world is left and forsaken alike worn- clothe in places of now clothes.

The poet like divine seers experiences different thoughts and philosophies joining together in single poem of consciousness like in Visioned Summit. He writes;

The vibrant divine within me blazes:

La illaha  illal Lahu!

Salam!   Salam!   Salam!

Peace be with you!

My crimson beny further sparkly:

Ekam Eva Advitiyam Brahman!

Om! Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! (156)

He doesn’t pause here; rather he explores and experiences something different:

Thus I visioned

Summits of envisioned peaks

Of benign Nirvana

Aham Brahman, Anal Haq,

And touched a moment eternal

Breathing the divine light of bliss

The Sat-Chid- Ananda. (156)

In nut-shell, the perusal of the poems of the collection guarantees satiety of both types viz. aesthetic and meta- aesthetic (spiritual). We should be thankful to the poet for out of love and generosity towards his readers, he has made us available these poems again. I am personally obliged to the poet that I have had a blissful journey through his surrealistic ecstatic, fascination and charming poetry world.   

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