The Paper Boat by Aju Mukhopadyay, Barielly: P B D 2007, ISBN 978-81-7977 – 234-8

Aju mukhopadyay is prolific poet, essayist, novelist who has widely written on travel, food, health, culture and festivals, on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, on nature, spiritualism, environment etc. His poems are widely published and admired both in print and on-line magazine and have earned world-wide recognition. Being Aju is a poet of many excellences who is essentially a poet of imaginative and spiritual caliber mixing the element of Nature in his poems. The Present book The Paper Boat carries 30 poems of mixed moods, where themes of ‘Nature’, Nostalgia, spirituality and social consciousness are chiefly dealt with simplicity, honesty, passion, lucidity, imagination, beauty and lyrical quality. The first poem ‘Morning’ is replete with lyrical quality:

            With its colour and smell and haze

                        Morning is life’s new phase

                        Nothing can be compared to its purity

                        Vibrating with serendipity

                        Nothing is ever so simple as morning

                        Resonant, loving, forever, beginning. (1)

      In this collection Aju has composed four poems entire- ‘time Sovereignty’, ‘About the time’, ‘with the time’ and ‘time flows’ in which the poet reflects various aspects of time and he seems aright when says-

            No one can halt it

                        No second, no minute

                        Hour, day, month or year

                        No one can hear

                        The silent foot falls of time. (4)

      Or in another when he declares:

            Never can we recreate the things we behold

                   Or the time we lived then,

                   Beholden as we are, carry then owe heart,

                   But the images are getting thin associations vare

                   Modern hydras are growing up

                   Out of the pristine nature. (10)

      A number of Aju’s poems of the collections are objective where the medleys of Nature enrich the charm of his poems.

            To the unknown sky

                        Rivers meander at long distance

                        Wind does-not break at my shore

                        And silence makes me alone

                        I see me at a long distance:

                        Coming closer I long to embrace

                        At I wait for a shower of grace. (16)

      The poems of collection are of light mood conversational and lyrical that swings the reader in the visionary world of a child who roams in unknown land away from feverishness, fret and burden of life. The individualistic note of the poems demarcates hints towards the in-depth understanding of Microcosm and Macrocosm.

      As Aju Mukhopadyay is an Aurobindonian scholar the spiritual strains in his poetry are much inspired from Sri Aurobindo and his philosophy see (Maltrimandir, Aurovialle) whose all literature carries us towards eternal leading, illumination and eternal wisdom?

      ‘The System’, ‘to the Gallant’, ‘from darkness toward poems light like are social conscious under is which the poet has denounced and chided the corruption Netagiri, Mobocracy, aristocracy, of the people. Aju Mukhopadyay leaves drifting.

      Aju’s poems of the collection are full of deep meaning, romantic, modern with euphonic title, blended with lyrical and rhythmical quality and spontaneous with delicacy. Aju who has a single-minded devotion to the Literature, World and the people at large has once again claimed eulogy of the literary critics and encouragement of the common lovers of poetry. Over the years, Aju has served the muse selflessly and his genuine concern to the ‘literature’ and ‘man’ hints at his greatness humbleness and dutifulness of a true poet in the modern age of materials and selfishness.

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