The Naive Bird by Basant Kumar Kar, New Delhi: Books India International. 2006, ISBN- 81-89129-06-6, Pp-102, Price 150/-

The Naive Bird by Basant Kumar Kar ‘is a collection of poems that exudes the aroma of love intrinsically blended with nuggets of nature expressing the inner space spontaneously’. In today’s world of hi-tech progress, airplanes, computers, internets and other material pursuits, it is now growing to be a world of information, complexities of human relations, more a world of matter than of feelings and expression. Wordsworth, long ago concerned this predicament of man’s attitudes towards nature and ‘matter’, therefore, he in ‘The World is Too Much with Us’ admonished his fellowman by grumbling “We have given our hearts away, “a sordid boon”. The same “sordid boon” has again bartered our noble and nature feelings with material gains. But poets like B. K. Kar with a loving heart tries to ‘Let/ flowers bloom /bees and butterflies/ carry a souvenir’ and ‘Let/ birds sings/ branches spread /dry leaves hustle/ kids swing / the message of April’.

            The present collection carries both reflective and emotional outburst of Basant Kar dealing with two major themes viz. ‘Nature and Love’. The attitude of poet towards Nature is retrospective and emotive so he seems more enjoying in its vicinity than grumbling against the Human cruelties against it as if he considers love as perfect ‘Therapeutic tool’ to heal the dripping wounds of feeling less and cold society. In one of the poems ‘Counting’, the poet counts the love’s gifts or ‘boons’: “You brought the dead to life/ turning indifference,/ revitalized/ hope and happiness/ you awaken me/ bringing memory back/ which happened in a jiffy.” (77)

            The poet has a philosophical insight in his dealing with nature when he watches ‘Crimson evening light’/ cool calm breeze/ euphonic music/ scantly raindrops’ and admitting these natural incidents of rise and fall as the natural and normal he adds: “Ignored and routined/ no abnormality/ seen rising and ebbing/ apart of life.” The poems of Kar glorify love and nature. It is the love that ‘needs no fear/ no hide and seeks’ or ‘battle to fight’. Rather it is something that ‘flows birth to the course of life, death. It is something ‘eternal and human’/ secret of happiness and smile/ blended with truth and beauty. ‘It is the root of all energy/ to sustain the finite’.

            To, sum up, the poetry of B. K. Kar evokes a startling pulsation to the poetry lovers. ‘Light’, ‘Rain’, ‘I’ and ‘You’ are recurrent motif in Kar’s poetry. He possesses good narrative art. The subjectivity of the poet never becomes tedious, nor does he become verbose or wordy. So the sublime charm and effect of his poetry carry eternity.

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