For Our Grandchildren and Other Poems (desktop edition) by V V B Rama Rao

Beauty with its glory permeates the blessed beings with faith

What is Saundarya if it does not bless one with Bhakti. (3)

The above quoted lines from V V B Rama Rao’s latest collection entitled For Our Grandchildren and Other Poems desktop edition certainly gives an important clue to understand the poetry in a better  and more sensible manner. His all efforts in poetry seem to have inherited the vision of the divine in human and material., as he advocates the celestial experiences of Godhood for a man to see and feel God and His Glory in the entire universe. He, therefore, raises a question:

Will vultures be transformed

Into white doves, blue piegeons?

And answers himself in the voice of a confident seer: “Sure they do.” V. V. B. Rama Rao is a prolific bilingual poet, author, translator and ELT scholar who has over 40 books in English and Telgu. He has written novels, biography, short stories, collections of literary criticism, translated both from English to Telgu and from Telgu to English. He has been on various prestigious positions in different esteemed institutions and universities like CIEFL and IGNOU. After a successful and bright career, he is presently residing in New Delhi and leading a literary life of poet and translator of first water.

His present collection carries some 51 poems in which a number of poems are already published by esteemed magazines like IBC and Triveni. The poems of the collection have different tastes but the undercurrent of spirituality is chiefly visible in most of the poems. Whatever good and sublime, appears to him as God’s divine vision. His own suggestion to man is ‘to acquire to be one among the inclusive All infinite’ for it is true when he says:

You can lay claim only to skin gone, just

Nothing within is yours (14)

Or when he speaks: Ask not what the world has come to / Realize what you have come to (17)

Most of the poems of Rama Rao either motivate to search deep and go into one’s own self or inspire us for noble actions and live the worldly life in an ideal way. For exp, the following couplets can be seen:

            It is not enough to have a watch right on your wrist

            You      should      know      the      value      of      time

            X                     X                     X

            It  is  not  enough  to  speak  softly  and  sweetly

            You should give away the sweetness in your deeds.

            X                     X                     X

            It is not enough to be cheerful and jolly

            You should make others so with what you do

            X                     X                     X

            It is not enough to be god-loving and god fearing

            You should work to help others around to be so.

There are number of poems in the collection which have didactic strains mingled with spiritual strains where the poet assumes the role of a mentor and a torchbearer both.

In an age of waning human values, when poets even have limited also to also to merely exhibiting the contemporary dilemmas and not suggesting any reformatory massage or ideals to the humanity, the poets like Rama Rao can be discerned as the poets of entire humanity and mankind. His poetry has succeeded in spreading the message ‘to live life king-size’. “Creative writing”, for Rama Rao, “is a self presented therapy for self hypnosis and daydreaming. As one under goes this therapy, one loses grip over it and begins to take the driver’s seat..”

Taking the quoted note in consideration it is no doubt to say that the creative writings of Rama Rao have taken the driver’s seat commendably. His poetry has such potential to steer the canoes of man’s problems to the shores of peace and tranquility. I wish and pray for grand success of the creative venture of the poet

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