Aravind Adiga’s : The White Tiger- A Freakish Booker by Sudhir K. Arora, New Delhi: Authorspress, 1st Pub. 2011, ISBN- 978-81-7275-583-8, Price-550/-, Pages-203.

Sudhir K. Arora is new book Aravind Adiga’s  The White Tiger- A Freakish Booker is critical and creative inquiry into the “conspiracy” (beyond writing the novel) called the Booker winning Novel of Aravind Adiga. The author (Arora)from his first chapter ‘snapshots ‘ starts unmaking the dual protean character of Aravind Adiga who by dint of special focus by writing on  loopholes (social evils) than that of any moral or ethical stand points, like his other fellow “foreign born and bred” yet “Indian” writers like Naipaul or Rushdie. Sudhir Arora too supports:

The spirit of Naipaul has entered Aravind Adiga who also uncovers Mother India on the Western stage and demonstrates her body infected with diseases like poverty and corruption to the extent that the West becomes lusty enough to make her ‘Other’, and for this he is awarded with the Booker prize so that many more white tigers from India may follow him and help the West in proving the superiority of the Occident over the orient. (1)

Following the ‘new equation’ of representing the ‘derogatory image of India on the ramp’, Adiga has once again gained popularity along with prestigious prize called Booker Prize. Born in India, yet brought up in Australia and U.S.A., Adiga has nothing to do with Indian pulse and impulse, so in his journalistic career, Adiga surely succeeded in connecting himself with literary agents. And with his adequate skill of writing plus connections, Adiga could manage to bring out his first collection The White Tiger. The obnoxious game of connections being played on the platform of high-class is not a new incident. M Prabha has also highlighted a number of such publishers, authors, relations purely based on favoritism and nepotism and not on writing skill or content in her sensational book  Waffle of the Toffs.

Sudhir K. Arora has done a commendable intellectual exercise in peeling off the hypocritical mask of Adiga who observes India from his jaundiced eye. In all fourteen chapters of the book titled aptly, Arora has left no corner untouched from his critical eye. He has very seriously and judiciously reflected over the conspiracy of the author and his so called sponsors who on one hand, boost up such kind of writings and on the other, try to establish them by awards and rewards. A critic who is never a part of such malicious nexus always tells the readers what to read and even how to read. If one reads this book of Arora, one will surely find a number of angles from which a literary text may be observed and analyzed also. This canon forming book is a very real inquiry into the psyche of a ‘fucking genius’ called Aravind Adiga. At a number of places, the critic has raised questions, which are yet to be answered which need attention of our so called intelligentsia that looks at India from one and the only eye of scorn and hatred.

The critic deserves high accolades for his serious and trend setting criticism. His writing against the mainstream authors and their political connections and conspiracies will not surely be relished by inebriated burgess professors and critics who never muse beyond their myopic visions, but his criticism will certainly reserve a lasting impression on the mind and soul of the readers who crave for genuine, unpretentious and original writings.

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