Making A Poem, Vihang Nayak, Mumbai: Allied Pub. Pvt. Ltd., 48p.p. isbn-7764504-6, Price 230/=

The very first page of Making a Poem by Vihanq Naik some what hints towards the contents of the book when is reads as:

“Making Poem is a powerful, affecting collection of poetry that sheds a fascinating light upon the writing process and poet’s personal aesthetics.”

The collection by Vihang Naik who teaches English at Shree Ambaji Arts College (Gujrat) affiliated to Hemchandracharya North Gujrat University (Patan), is a replica of poetic perfection. There are few collections in our Indo-English Poetry which deal with the themes of Poetics and Poetic Process. Writing Poetry and comprehending its process are two different analogies. Only a meditative and thoughtful person can look and watch to it. It is the one major theme which is seldom even touched by most of the poets of the world. In Making of Poem which is divided in five Poet (namely ‘Are you looking for that Poet?’, ‘The Poet As A Young Man,’ ‘Making A Poem Comes A five,’ ‘A Poet’ each do consisting of five Poems, we find 25 Poems mostly penned of Poetry’ ‘Poet’, ‘Poem’ and their related topics where the master craftsmanship of Poet is visible as well as his brilliant command over language can be seen also. In ‘A Poem and Questions’ he creates similarity of Poem to the growing of rumor from the delivery of works, “Works delivered/Grow into a rumour/As truth/In a poem,”

            The poems though are very short in size but carry large high ideas. ‘A play’ is fine example of it:

“You may muse/And Play your part/What over it be/Poet philosopher/Or a fool loos’nt make/Much difference,”

            The poems are either in a statement form or in conversational tone but are epigrammatic and pithy, thoughtful and intuitive. ‘The Absent Poem,’ ‘A Poet’ A Poem Comes Alive’ are the poems which appear to be searching the berth of a poem esp. in ‘A Poem Comes Alive’ the poet appears to be indulged in groping of the genesis of the poem in the abysmal darkness of consciousness:

“The/Ink/Blots/Image/After image/Which/A poem Infects life”

            The poet is least hopeful about the present of poet in current times. He asserts:

“In this age, dear Reader/Do-not look for a poet.”

            The Goddess muse has forsaken the poet and he is nowhere among clouds singing a song of girds and bees and:

“Nowadays/He is a man like/You and me/A voice hooting in the traffic

With stale birds and tired tongue.”

            To conclude the beautiful hard bound jacket with the photograph of Vihng Naik (on the front) in the role of Panditji at the age of 3 which won him the first prize at school and firstly appeared in Nostalgia Special issue of Literary journal: The Brown in Oct 1999 not only attracts our attention best also leaves an indelible impression on the mind. The book will remain for years on account of its originality aesthetics, in-depth observation creativity, fascination and realistic appeal and the poet deserves warm eulogies and hearty welcome for this book from all of his readers.

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