Legacies by Charu Sheel Singh, New Delhi: Adhyayan Publishers and Distributers, ISBN 978-81-8435-219-1, 2010, Price-95/-, Pages-125.

Charu Sheel Singh is one of those few genuine and stalwart scholars of India who are not ridden with diaspora, identity crisis, modernism or post-modernism which is a common ailment of Indian academics. His “Legacies”, in his own view “is written with view to get back to the Indian English poetry- the ground it seems to have last under the guise of modernism and post modernism”. He is not a blind votary of the West or the superfluous scholar of literary theories of the west rather he worked as research scientist and fellow at different esteemed institutes of India and abroad and finally evolved his own literary theory of reading and creating literature in his another book Concentric Imagination: Mandela Literary Theory (1993). With his strong wings of Indian spiritual tradition, he has soared higher and higher in the realms of literary world of Theory and has found his ‘legacies’ stronger than any culture or tradition of the world.

The present book compares nine long poems or the spiritual charioteers of India like Nara Sing Maheta, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Dadu Dayal, Soor Das, Tulsi Das, Guru Nanak, Guru Teg Bahadur, Sant Tukaram and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. These poems carry the biographies and teachings of these noble souls who worked for the spiritual and moral upliftment of the general public at large. The poet seems to have meditated and churned the lives of these legends so well that these poems never appear to be a forcible creation. The flow and continuity is maintained in all the poems and the poet has remained vigilant to the beauty of narration and poetic creation. One can mark out the poetic excellence of Dr. Singh in the following lines on Soordas:

Krishna had perforated

Soor’s nuptials of inner

Being; he made him sing

To derive the delight supreme.

Songs alone sustain humanity

For they are the butter as

Well as the wine providing a gate way

To the eternal shrine. (56)

Charu Sheel Singh is staunch follower of Indianism. He is the one who strongly advocates the eradication of post-colonial hang -over from an Indian mind and inculcation of faith towards our age old legacies of saints, the Vedas, and other sacred scriptures that have been the source of bliss and joy not only to our Indian scholars but also to the westerner whom we have been following blindly even after sixty years of independence. The book is just on invitation to the gates of Param Ananda that the Indian seekers seek and find in Yoga, Bhakti and Gyana.

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