In Rare Moments by S. L. Peeran. Published by Bizz Buzz, No 2 First Cross, Kalidasa Layout, Srinagar Banglore- 560-050, India

The 9th collection of S.L. Peeran entitled In Rare Moments certainly is another volume that has strengthen his roots of poetic excellence in the soil of Indian English Poetry and spread the shoots and branches of glory in the world of literature. Mr. Peeran does not need any primary introduction to his poetry for an average reader of Indian English Journals could have hardly missed the chance of reading his poems. He is widely published and admired so Gordon Hindly had to say:

S.L. Peeran is a worthy lakshana or sign post of the best in all of us and in the Indian English writing.(Blurb)

So R.K. Singh observes in him:

The poet is critical, philosophical and interpreted of his milieu and influence.

The book under the review is dedicated to all the poetry lovers of the globe. It has seventy four poems of different topics in which the poet has brilliantly scattered his poetic sensibility as well as intellectual thoughts into his poem so he can be considered both as a poet of emotion as well as heart. The letters of appreciation as motivation by Dr. K. Srinivas and the Foreword like article ‘Poetry Peeran’ is nothing but an outpouring of criticism. The chief characteristics of Peeran’s poetry are society and social consciousness. K. Srinivas observes him as:

Peeran has gained many distinctions and he is the right man to regain what all we have lost. He cries down the crimes and injustices that prevail everywhere today. (13)

But he is never grim or disheartened. Srinivas adds:

Like President Kalam and Daisaku Ikeda of Japan he visions a paradise that will come. (13)

The poem ‘The End’, ‘Moharram Tazia’, ‘All Round Welfare’, ‘Currency-Sole Enemy’, ‘Read Moksha’, ‘For Killing Veerappan’, ‘Is Allah Everywhere’, ‘Where Does Allah Reside’, ‘What is Life’, ‘How to Reach Truth’, ‘Why people Lie’, ‘Duality’, ‘Grace’, ‘Jealousy’, ‘ A Rare Gift’, ‘Be Obedient’, and ‘Some Haikus’ are full of idealism and have a clear cut approach to morality, divinity and spirituality. The poet Peeran is a poet of teachings and preaching who often appears to be indulged more in the things which should be not in the things which are truly. Therefore, the poetry of Peeran can be termed totally the poetry of didacticism. Most of the poems of Peeran speak volumes of the Islam and its Sufi tradition. His poetry is the true explication of Sufism. A number of the titles of the poems are in the form of question like ‘

A number of the titles of the poems are in the form of the question like ‘What Next?’, ‘What is Love?’, ‘How to Reach Truth?’, ‘Why People Lie?’, ‘What is Khulus?’, ‘Where does Allah Reside?’, ‘Is Allah Everywhere?’ and ‘Masters Where?’ in which the poet initially commences the poem with question and after long chain of questions answers himself and tries to satisfy with his own logic. For example we may take the poem ‘Where does Allah Reside?’ in which Peeran interrogates:

Tell me where does Allah reside?

In Kaaba, in Mosque, in Temple, in Church,

In Dargas, in Maqbeeras, where? Where? (46)

And he continues his series of questions and concludes:

Know now my dear loving brother that

He is in the mind with crystalline purity!

He is in the heart with absolute compassion

And total mercy! He is on the TRUTHFUL

TONGUE. He is in the eyes with shame.

He is on the hands of charity.

He is in every cell of body where resides the love of

Prophet Mohammadi in TRUE SPIRIT. (46)

In an age of modernism when the higher values of life have withered and poetry could not even escape the batteries and assaults of declination and perversion when the concept of ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ has taken the place of ‘art for morality’s sake’, a ray of joy and happiness seems lurking somewhere when I journey through the poems of poet’s like Peeran and in this blue and dark hour of ours, the poetry of the poets like Peeran confers a solace as well as affirms that at lest some poets today have folded the candle of reform and they will continue to dedicate his life and poems to poetry and God.

At last I Wish to pay my profuse thanks and regards to Peeran for writing such a good collection and pray for his long life and his everlasting poetry.

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